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Malik’s Revenge

Alan Brodie Book 1

Alan Brodie, a former Special Forces operative in the British army, is a trained killer with extensive experience of undercover black ops in the deadly battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan and other deniable war zones. Retired from the military, Brodie is about to buy a beachfront bar/restaurant in the Almeria region of Spain.

Unknown to Brodie, the previous owner was being coerced by a ruthless drug cartel into allowing his premises to be used as a distribution point and it seems they will not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Till they come head to head with the professional killer that is Alan Brodie.

Brodie is persuaded by local police chief into helping him bring down these drug dealers, Comisario Moreno insisting that he works with the beautiful, enigmatic Sergeant Anita Malik, but no one is prepared for the explosion of violence that Brodie unleashes on the cartel.

As Brodie and Malik work to infiltrate the drug cartel, they become close, but is the seductive Sergeant Malik all that she seems?

The Good Samaritan

Rob MacLaine Book 2

The follow-up novel, ‘The Good Samaritan’ – Rob MacLaine Book 2’, links to the storyline of ‘The Prodigal Son’, but has a standalone scenario. It follows Rob and his colleagues as they are introduced to new technology and advanced surveillance techniques afforded by the use of drones, which they first use to thwart an attempt to kidnap an American Senator.

When Rob’s wife asks him to help a friend to trace her sister, he agrees to help, little knowing, that this simple request would see him once again steeped in the dark world of people trafficking and modern day slavery, which he had so recently encountered on his island home of Achravie.*

Helped by his co-director, Joe Harper and Ryan Hughes, a wheelchair bound veteran of the war in Afghanistan and computer hotshot with a passion for drones, Rob goes looking for the missing girl.

Having found the last known whereabouts of the missing Magda Petric in Hamburg, the Harper MacLean team use past experiences and their new found skills in the deployment of drones to work with the National Crime Agency and Europol to track down the gang of people traffickers who appear to have taken the young woman.

The team discover links from Magda to a Europol team investigating the people traffickers as the trail leads them back to the UK, where they are joined by another ex-Special Forces colleague, Alan Brodie. Rob and his colleagues intercept the perpetrators and their cargo of trafficked girls. But the criminal gang has discovered that Magda was working with Europol and set out to take their revenge on her, triggering fast and decisive action from Rob and his colleagues who deploy the new drone based weapon to cut the head off the serpent, once and for all.

The Prodigal Son

Rob MacLaine Book 1

Rob MacLaine, a seasoned, battle hardened ex Special Forces operative, has just met Justine Fellows, the woman of his dreams. Then, in the middle of the night, a mysterious phone call from his past, changes his future for ever and puts his newly formed relationship with Justine in jeopardy. He is summoned back to his family home on the island of Achravie, off the west coast of Scotland.

Rob has had no contact with Achravie, or his family, since his elder brother schemed to blame him for a car accident which killed a young friend. Sent away by his father at the tender age of eighteen, Rob joined the military and progressed through various war zones, first as a regular soldier and later as a member of an elite group of Special Forces operatives.

Now Rob is back on Achravie, unrecognisable as the innocent young lad, banished by his father over twenty years earlier, back to face his past and encounter friends and enemies alike in an explosive reunion with his elder brother and his “security” people.

The explosion of violence on Achravie drives a wedge between Rob and Justine, which Rob’s friends and colleagues conspire to remove, bringing the unhappy couple back together again. With the death of his brother, Rob falls heir to the family estate and the reunited lovers put together a project to re-develop Achravie and create a profitable business on the estate.