Still working...

Hi, I’m Les Haswell

I was born in Glasgow, but spent the first three years of my life in London, before moving back to Ayrshire where I remained for about thirty years. I then commenced a world tour of Scotland, living in a number different locations before settling in Aberdeen. Over the years I have accumulated four children, nine grandchildren and most recently a great-grandson.

I served an engineering apprenticeship in the aviation industry and at various stages of my working life, owned a private hire/bridal car business and later, a fifty cover licensed restaurant. However, I spent most of my working life in business development roles, mostly in the Oil & Gas industry. I was lucky enough to travel regularly to very diverse countries across the world, including the Middle and Far East, Africa, North and Latin America.

Having been conceived and distilled in Scotland, I am now maturing in England, living with my wife Val in Kings Worthy near Winchester in Hampshire.

Travelling around as I did when working full time, I spent hours in airport lounges and hotel rooms where the only television programs were in Portuguese or Arabic, so I started to write, “The Prodigal Son.” “The Good Samaritan” was born some time later, then “Malik’s Revenge”, with others in the making.