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Review of Malik’s Revenge

“Les Haswell’s novel Malik’s Revenge is a thrilling tale of a retired special operative, Alan Brodie, who gets caught in the middle of a drug cartel’s operation while trying to purchase a bar/restaurant. The story is a page-turner with a lot of action, suspense, and unexpected twists that keep the reader engaged throughout the book.

The author has done a fantastic job of creating characters that are both relatable and intriguing. Alan Brodie, the protagonist, is a man who has seen it all in his past life as a special operative. He is retired and looking for a new challenge, which he finds in the form of buying a bar/restaurant. However, his plans are derailed when he discovers that the bar is being used by a drug cartel as a distribution point. Brodie is a character who is brave, smart, and resourceful, and the reader can’t help but root for him.

The other main character, Malik, is a police officer who teams up with Brodie to bring down the drug cartel. She is smart, strong-willed, and beautiful, and there is a hint of a possible romantic relationship between her and Brodie. The chemistry between the two characters is palpable, and the author has done an excellent job of building their relationship in a way that feels natural and organic.

The plot of the book is well-crafted, with a lot of suspenseful moments and unexpected twists. The author keeps the reader engaged throughout the book by introducing new elements to the story and keeping the pace fast and exciting. The action scenes are well-written and thrilling, and the reader can feel the tension and danger on every page.

In conclusion, Malik’s Revenge is a thrilling and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of action and suspense novels. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and the plot is exciting and unpredictable. The author has done an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged throughout the book, and the ending is satisfying and leaves room for a possible sequel. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting and well-written thriller.”

Reviewed Readers’ Favourite

The Good Samaritan by Les Haswell is an adrenaline ride of note which has the reader hooked from the very first page. Rob MacLaine, ex UK Special forces, and co-owner, with Joe Harper, of Harper MacLaine Security, is to provide security protection for the demonstration by Savage Guidance Systems (SGS) of a dronemounted weapon utilizing ‘smart bullet’ technology.

The attempted kidnapping of one of the clients, a US senator, catapults the reader into a fast-paced thriller in which Rob, a genuine good Samaritan, attempts to locate the missing sister of an SGS employee. Haswell’s clever subplot involving a golf resort development on Rob’s family estate on the island of Achravie off the West Coast of Scotland allows the reader a brief opportunity to catch their breath.

Les Haswell’s The Good Samaritan is a real page-turner that I could not put down. Whenever I felt that resolution was at hand, a new twist appeared and the pace sped up again. I particularly enjoyed Haswell’s inclusion of Rob MacLaine’s young wife Justine, which allowed Rob to reveal his domestic side, and Haswell’s sub-plot involving Rob’s role as the incumbent laird on his family estate, Hillcrest, on the imaginary island of Archravie, situated between Arran and the Kintyre Peninsula off the Scottish West Coast.

Haswell’s pride in his motherland is clear from his vivid descriptions. The Scottish dialect of the Archravie locals lends authenticity to the novel which rubs off on the entire story.

The Good Samaritan by Les Haswell is a thriller with a difference – read it.”

Extract from Review by OnlineBookClub.org

“I applaud Haswell for how he crafted the backstories of each character, making them into real human beings. Each character had well-developed personalities of their own. There are so many mysteries in this book, and they are all unravelled in a way that is intriguing and enhances the readability of the book.

One major thing I liked was that it was not just a thriller like most similar books; it infused romance into the plot, making the book enjoyable for romantics like myself. The book was paced in a way that captures the reader’s interest from the first page and does not let it go.”

Great read – exciting plot – real page turner! (The Good Samaritan)

“Really enjoyed this! Took it on holiday – exciting plot, having read the first Rob MacLaine, it was great to follow his next adventure. Thoroughly recommended for a holiday read – couldn’t put it down!”